First Post

by Gabe Meier

Hello internet, my name is Gabe Meier. I’m a junior at Pitzer College and was born and bred in Seattle, WA. I have no prior experience with astronomy, but have always been interested in the big existential questions. I am a Political Studies major (as of now) with a specific interest in urban studies. I initially chose Political Studies because I was interested and participated in local political campaigns in high school, but over time my interests become more conceptual. I have no idea what (if anything) I’m going to with my degree post-graduation, but it will probably involve traveling outside of the US. My passion is writing, specifically about music, and I write for several music blogs (Truants and The Astral Plane). I spend too much time behind a computer screen. I want to live in Berlin and/or London at some point in my life. I have dreams and aspirations although I can’t really put my finger on them at the moment.

I’m taking Life In The Universe partially to fulfill my natural science requirement, but also because I haven’t taken a legitimate science class since high school and seriously need to flex that part of my brain more often. Astronomy, while not as applicable  as some other life sciences, seems like a good place to investigate some broad, intriguing concepts.

One part of astronomy that I find fascinating is the impossible nature of the history and size of the universe. No one really knows how old or how big the universe is and there’s virtually no way of ascertaining (at this point in time) a definite answer. I do not know a single thing about this topic, but find my self pondering it quite often. The immensity of it is overwhelming and I’m looking forward to investigating just how far it stretches.